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Here is an opportunity to do something that will


Impact The Lives of our Local Veterans & Community!


Help us make a difference


There are many ways to volunteer,

from offering your time, making a craft for the store, bring food

items to the pantry, or just making a donation. 

Beginning in November 2019

       We are proud to annonce the opening of

       our Veterans Marketplace!  The Grand

       Opening will be November 13th.  With the

       opening of the marketplace, our hours

       will change to:

       Monday, Tuesday & Thursday-8 AM to 3 PM

       Wednesday-10 AM to 6 PM

       While Veterans will still only be able to get

       one (1) grocery basket a month, they will

       now be able to get that basket on any 

       Wednesday of the month.  In addition to

       a better selection of food, the long lines

       experienced during the Saturday events

       should be eliminated.


The Veterans Center is a non-profit organization and we use volunteers to make the program run.  We invite you to help with our Food Pantry give away monthly, help us make crafts for the gifts shop, or assist us with Veterans needs.  Whatever time you have to offer we can use your talent. Please email us under the About Us tab at the top of the page & volunteer today.

Thank you in advance for considering volunteering at the center.


We appreciate any and all donations to the Veterans Center.  You make make a donation with the button located at the top of the  page. 

We also offer Sponsor Plaques offered at the center that you may purchase in memory of or highlight you business or name. Donations will go to further the assistance programs and sponsor the monthly food pantry to help the veterans in need in our Quad Cities.  Thank you so much for your donation.